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After completing this course, you can start with treating simple cases. Class I cases, some simple over bite and over jets. Also you will have some thoughts about Class II but you need to have some experience with simple cases first.

Whole Program - £ 2,750.00
Whole Program & Single Accommodation - £ 4,140.00
Whole Program & Double Accommodation - £ 4,490.00


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    Practice on pahnotm jaw models
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In module 1, you will learn the principles of growth and development related to orthodontics, develop skills in cephalometry and patient assessment, and acquire knowledge of aetiology in orthodontics.

In module 2, you will focus on treatment planning of a range of malocclusions and learn the importance of record taking in orthodontics along with developing skills in bonding procedures and treatment protocols for a Class I case.

In module 3, in-depth knowledge of a range of treatment mechanics and clinical scenarios will be covered such as bracket prescriptions, inter-proximal reduction, anchorage and deep bites followed by the planning of the retention phase of orthodontics.


1st Module, 1-3 September 2023
2nd Module, 13-15 October 2023
3rd Module, 15-17 December 2023

Module 1 Topics

• Classification of Malocclusion
• Rationale for Orthodontics
• Patient Assessment
• Orthodontic Records
• Cephalometry
• Clinical Photography
• Orthodontic Consent
• Risks in Orthodontics
• Growth and Orthodontics
• Interceptive Treatment
• Introduction to Bonding

Module 2 Topics

• Instruments and Materials
• Fixed Appliances
• Orthodontic Banding
• Bracket Placement and Ligation
• Archwire Sequencing
• Anchorage in Orthodontics
• Orthodontic Friction
• Extractions in Orthodontics
• Inter-proximal Reduction
• Treatment Planning Class I Cases
• Treatment Planning Class II Division I Cases

Module 3 Topics

• Deep Bites and Open Bites
• Transverse Management
• Asymmetries
• Supplementary Mechanics
• Finishing and Wire Bending
• Debonding and Bonded Retainers • Retention in Orthodontics
• Aligner Treatment
• Treatment Planning Class II Division II Cases
• Treatment Planning Class III Cases

Pathway to Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Orthodontics

When you have successfully completed The Knightsbridge Academy's one-year Certification Program in Orthodontics in Istanbul, you will be awarded a Certificate from the Knightsbridge Academy.

Additionally, you will be eligible to apply for the Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Orthodontics at Ulster University which operates the course in collaboration with the College of Medicine & Dentistry in Birmingham, UK.

Your one-year education in Istanbul will be accepted in place of the first year of the three-year MSc program. Therefore, you can start your second year in the UK.

Entry Requirements for Knightsbridge Academy Certification Program in Orthodontics

• Undergraduate Degree in Dentistry
• A minimum English level of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

Entry Requirements for MSc in Clinical Orthodontics

• Undergraduate Degree in Dentistry
• Current GDC registration (for UK applicants only) or equivalent for international students
• Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of professional indemnity cover
• Health to be able to perform clinical practice
• Current evidence of satisfactory DBS check
• A minimum English level of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

To get more information about The Master of Science (MSc) courses in Orthodontics, please visit the College of Medicine & Dentistry web page: https://comd.org.uk/courses/orthodontics/


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