Who We Are?

Based in the UK, teaches all around the world

We are all aware that, to perform professionally, graduating from a dental or medical school and enriching knowledge acquired throughout education life by 30-35 years of experience is not valid longer.

As Information changes and progresses so fast in this new era, dentists need continuing post-graduate education to update their knowledge, access new information or take the advantage of expert experience, just as how they have to constantly renew equipment in their practice and add new things.


This necessity is exactly what Knightsbridge Academy emerged from. In order to provide doctors with respective needed knowledge from reliable sources and via safe channels.

In 2010, Knightsbridge Academy (KBAC) was established in London, UK to provide the first quality comprehensive international courses for dental and medical professionals.
Knightsbridge Academy offers a variety of training on dental and paradental fields to the attention of dentists and team members.
Knightsbridge Academy has been conducting hundreds of training seminars and conferences for dentists and their assistants around the globe, especially in London, Istanbul, Vienna, Dubai and Baku. Thousands of international participants preferred Knightsbridge Academy to improve, update and strengthen their education.


As one of our postgraduate dental & medical courses, we have been organizing Cadaver Dissection Courses at the Anatomy Training Center of Vienna Medical University since 2010. Recently, we are also proud to announce our high-quality implantology courses on fresh human cadavers in Istanbul, Turkey and Coventry, UK.

Cadaver dissection courses are our expertise. No need to be modest in this case. We are one of the most experienced academies that organize cadaveric courses in the world.
Knightsbridge Academy has determined a one-sentence mission:
Better dentistry and medicine through lifelong postgraduate education.
We thank you for your kind interest and trust.