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The field of dentistry requires continuous postgraduate training, updates, and educational progressions, setting it apart as a profession. In all fields, ongoing learning is crucial, but it holds particular importance in dentistry and medicine, not only for professional reasons but also as a legal necessity. 

Although based in London, Knightsbridge Academy offers educational programs and training to dentists and medical professionals worldwide. 


While our main course venues are in London, Istanbul, Vienna, Dubai, and Baku, our extensive knowledge allows us to host exceptional courses and events globally. Our motto, "Based in The UK, Teaches All Around The World," highlights our dedication to worldwide educational outreach. 

A key aspect of our programs is cadaver dissection courses, an area in which we excel. We are proud of being a renowned academy delivering cadaveric courses worldwide. 

Knightsbridge Academy collaborates with respected tutors and academics to ensure our programs align with The Enhanced CPD Guidance of GDP by the UK General Dental Council (GDC). In addition to our comprehensive postgraduate training courses, we engage in collaborative research projects with various universities and institutions, contributing to MSc and PhD programs. Our network includes multiple institutions and partners across various countries, detailed on our "Collaboration With" page for your reference.


If you seek tailor-made training for a group of doctors, Knightsbridge Academy (KBAC) has extensive experience in designing and delivering courses which are tailored to your specific needs. Up to month-long programs across multiple disciplines. 

Our process starts with attentive listening to understand your requirements, resulting in a personalised hot couture course programme to enhance your skills and expertise. We look forward to connecting with you globally to enhance your professional journey. 

Hope to meet anywhere in the world!


Dr Bülent Manav

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