Basic Implantology Course - Introduction to Implant Dentistry
09 November - 11 November 2018

Participants will take steps safely to the field of dental implants which have become a major component of modern dental practice. Dentists will update and consolidate their previous theoretical knowledge and clinical experience in implant surgery and prosthesis.

1997.00 USD ( 1674.59 EUR - 15599.77 TL )
IMP01 Ritter Implant Basic Course Including Accommodation - 1997.00 USD


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  • Faculty
    Prof. Dr Burak Demiralp
    Prof. Dr. Tuncer Burak Özçelik
    Dr. Becen Demir
    Prof. Dr. Çağrı Delilbaşı
    Doç. Dr. Neslihan Yüzbaşıoğlu
  • Starting Date & Time
    09.11.2018 - 09:00
  • Planned Finishing Time
    11.11.2018 - 17:00
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  • Destination
  • Venue
    Medipol University Anatomi Lab
  • Teaching Method
    Theoretical Lessons, Live demonstrations & Hands-on practice on fresh human cadavers
  • Language
  • Contact Person
    Leon Beaulieu
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Introducing Implantology Courses on *Fresh Human Cadavers with Ritter and VESTA. We’re setting a new standard for education excellence so check out the syllabuse in this link.

 *   3 Day Course (9-11 November 2018) 18 CE credits / 18 CPD Hours credits
 *   Venue – Medipol University Anatomy Lab, Istanbul
 *   5 Star Hotel x 4 nights: Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisli*
 *   Separate Advance & Beginners courses
 *   Payment via Credit Card or wire transfer
 *   Course Language English
 *   Breakfast included
 *   Lunch included
 *   Course price 1,997 USD

*Course is in RISK of being SOLD OUT!
*Hotel subject to change based upon availability.


To be registered to the course, please download & print out the Registration Form, fill it in using blue or black ink and CAPITAL LETTERS. Then send the completed registration form to
or fax to +1-210-805-0236

You can make the payment via credit card or wire transfer.

For more informations, please contact
Mr. Leon Beaulieu
Vice President, International Ritter Implants
Available @: FaceTime, Line, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp.


Theoretical Session

• What should implant treatment offer to patients and dentist? What does!
• Osseointegration, clinical concepts, importance of  the  quality and volume of  the bone
• Implant systems overview, surface characteristics, body structure, and abutment-implant connection.
• Implant soft tissue relationship, biological width, the micro-interval in the abutment-implant connection.
• Assessment of the requirements of the individual who is candidate for  implant treatment, examination of the conditions in the oral cavity, preparation of the oral cavity for implant treatment.
• Surgical anatomy in the maxilla and mandible with respect to implantology
• General health-wise examination of patients, indications and contraindications
• Case analysis, determination of treatment strategy and aim.
• Surgical process- preparation of the operating room, preparation of the patient, asepsis and antisepsis
• Anesthesia and incision
• Placing implants
• Suture techniques (simple & continuous)
• Single stage and double-stage implant surgery, suturing process
• Flap design, incision, flap manipulation, standard osteotomy and implant placement
• Surgical complications, and medications used in implant surgery
• Postoperative care,  protection of the implant surroundings health and biological complications

Surgical Practice on Fresh Human Cadavers

• Dissection of anatomical danger zones: Lingual+inf. alveolar+mental+infraorbicular nerve
• Implant palcement on lower jaw (mandible)
• Placing graft and membrane around the inserted implants
• Suture techniques


Theoretical Session

• Prosthetic treatments and implant dentistry
• Prosthetic planning: First steps
• Biomechanics in Implant Dentistry
• Therapeutic biomechanics
• Planning principles of implant-supported prosthesis
• Implant positioning: From prosthetic planning to surgery
• Radiological evaluation
• How do I determine adequate number of implants for implant-supported prosthesis?
• Screw retained vs cemented prothesis
• Construction of implant supported overdenture: General information, indication-contraindication, bar, knob, telescope, and locator
• Can the patient’s old prosthesis be used? New prosthesis construction phases; impression, try -on, finishing, delivery, occlusion
• Construction of bridge over implant, bridge design, support (tooth or implant) selection, material and abutment selection
• Bridge construction phases: impression, try-on, occlusion, finishing, and delivery. Screw connection - cementation
• Impression and transfer systems, open spoon and closed spoon impression techniques
• Strategies for basic cases in the clinic
• Case analysis

Prosthetic Practice on Plastic Jaw Models

• Open tray impression on plastic jaw models for implant-supported overdenture prosthesis
• Placing implant analogs.

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