Knightsbridge Academy prepares, designs, orgnizes courses from one hour up to two months, according to your exact needs in different disciplines. Firstly we listen to you to understand what you need, then we create your “hot couture course” to upgrade your knowledges and skills.
The models of Knightsbridge Academy receive non-surgical aesthetic treatments for a very reduced fee. It means the highest quality treatment without paying a premium price.
Knightsbridge Academy also organizes and creates dental courses according to groups’ needs and inquiries in all around the world. We have listed here our most wanted courses.
There will always be a focus on pitfalls and danger zones for each surgical procedure. There is absolutely no need to be intimidated or concerned with your anatomy and surgery knowledge as you are guided through the entire process.
We all aware that, to perform profession, graduating from a dental or medical school and enriching knowledge acquired throughout education life by 30-35 years of experience is not valid any longer.

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