One-sentence mission of Knightsbridge Academy

A dedicated platform to the continuing dental & medical education.

We all aware that, to perform profession, graduating from a dental or medical school and enriching knowledge acquired throughout education life by 30-35 years of experience is not valid any longer.

As Information changes and progresses so fast in this new era, dentists need continuing post-graduate education to update their knowledge, to access new information or to take the advantage of expert experience, just as how they have to constantly renew equipment in their practice and add new things.

This necessity is exactly what Knightsbridge Academy (KA) was emerged from. In order to provide doctors with respective needed knowledge from reliable sources and via safe channels, 
Knightsbridge Academy offers variety of trainings on dental and paradental fields to the attention of dentists and team members.

Knightsbridge Academy is the sister company of VESTA Academy which is undisputed leader in its field in Turkey.

KA & VESTA have determined a one-sentence mission:
For a better dentistry and medicine, continuing postgraduate education.

We thank you for your kind interest and trust.

To know about VESTA, please visit (in Turkish) or download the brochure (in English)

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