Fresh Human Cadaver Courses: The excellent way to larn

Knightsbridge Academy organizes different comprehensive training courses on fresh human cadavers in Coventry, Vienna and Istanbul.

In this special courses, after a very short theoretical introduction of the surgical procedure by the lecturer you can monitor the live surgery on the flat screen close to you. You accompany each detail in “real time”, simulating a close 1:1 reality on your “patient”. 80% of the course are hands-on with 20% lectures about the techniques and live or video taped dissection/operation (displayed on screen), all step by step.

After the teaching and the instruction you will perform the surgical training on the fresh skull, guided by us, step by step. Two doctors are assigned to one fresh (not embalmed) skull, a well trained team is always around you to help and assist.

There will always be a focus on pitfalls and danger zones for each surgical procedure. There is absolutely no need to be intimidated or concerned with your anatomy and surgery knowledge as you are guided through the entire process.

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